Awning Frames

The extruded aluminum frames we use are engineered to provide extremely high strength-to-weight ratios for efficient utilization of materials and maximum performance. Through computer aided design and 3-D imaging technologies, we make the strongest, most efficient and imaginative support frames available. The optimum choice of framing materials for a given project depends on the relationship among awning fabric materials, graphic techniques, desired shape and structural requirements. Bluegrass Awning Company is highly skilled in fabricating both steel and aluminum. We are in a unique position to advise you on your selection of framing materials, optimize your structural design, aesthetic issues, installation techniques and development of specifications.

Steel Stitch Frame System

Staple awnings revolutionized the fabric awning industry by replacing needle and thread with steel staples These frames are made of lightweight, square aluminum extrusions that have an open channel on one side, with a thin, aluminum webbing in the center. The selected awning fabric is then cut to size, then stapled (with a pneumatic stapler) directly to the aluminum channel inside the extrusion. Excess fabric is then trimmed and a color coordinated PVC trim bead is driven into the channel, covering the staples. This process creates an incredibly, drum-tight awning cover with no sewn seams to rot and separate and no laces or grommets to show underneath the awning. Panels can be replaced individually if damaged. The aluminum frame doesn’t rust like steel and allows unlimited design freedom. And because the fabric does not need to be handled under a swing machine but is applied directly to the frame, there are more fabric options – specially coated fabrics can be used without the complicated problems often associated with them.

Lace and Grommet System with Steel Frame

Bluegrass Awning Company utilizes traditional lace and grommet system awnings when steel is the preferred material for the awning or canopy. When steel framing is the choice, Bluegrass Awning Company uses high-strength, lightweight mechanical tubing that is cold-formed to give high yield tensile strength values. Our tubing has a triple coating consisting of a hot-dip flow coat of uniform zinc galvanizing, a conversion coating and finally, a clear polymer coating.

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