Technical Awning Info

Start here to get an overview of our technical information area.   Our Frequently Asked Questions may also be useful to you.

Awning Frames

The extruded aluminum frames we use are engineered to provide extremely high strength-to-weight ratios for efficient utilization of materials and maximum performance.
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Awning Fabrics

There are thousands of different fabric colors and patterns to select from. A sales representative will work with you to select a fabric appropriate to your awning and provide samples of the many fabrics available.
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Awning Valances

Bluegrass Awning Company offers a myriad of valance types to help provide a distinguishing detail to your awning.
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Anchors & Attachments

Awning frames are anchored into building walls via a number of different types of supports. Review six of the most common anchoring systems in use today.
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Awning Graphics

We’ve outlined the most common graphics application / creation methods here.
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Awning Engineering

Bluegrass Awning Company can provide licensed engineering and calculations required to meet municipal building requirements.
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Awning Cleaning Instructions

A thorough discussion of cleaning your awnings and maximizing their lifespan and appearance.
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